About TMoK

TMoK is a former bulletin board system (BBS) and public access Unix system. Still located in the Rhode Island / 401 area, the system dates back almost 30 years, to the early 90’s.

System History

  • 1992: Started as a dialup BBS, running on an Amiga 3000 with custom BBS software, written in C.
  • 1993: Added a UUCP feed. Internet email and a few Usenet newsgroups became available.
  • 1994: The tmok.com domain name was registered and the system was moved to Linux. A second site was established out of a dorm room at WPI. Multiuser BBS, chat, and shell accounts are available.
  • 1996: System is connected to the internet using a 56K frame relay connection. It was then moved to FreeBSD, with a second OpenBSD system added for Unix shell accounts.
  • 1998: Shell server is moved to FreeBSD.
  • 2001: System moves to a cable modem. The BBS is basically dead at this point, but stays accessible for another 10+ years.
  • 2002 - Present: Shell accounts and web hosting services remain available on a referral basis.